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Susie Grelle

Instruments of Grace Music Studio


Instruments of Grace Music Studio

Babies to Kindergarten Music Programs

Beginners Ukulele, StrumStick & Guitar

Rhythem and Drums

for nursing homes, organizations, church and schools

Susie's Twisted Balloons

Making balloon art gift cups, yards art,

bouquets for all occasions



Zion Lutheran School

PreSchool & Kindergarten Music Leader

Preparing music curriculum

 Leading the music classes. ​

Activity Director

Preparing activity calendar, Organizing and leading events, such as: music programs, exercise Classes, volunteer coordinator

Redeemer Rascals Puppet Ministry

Traveled to churches to bring kids Jesus

in a different way. ​


Smiles Unlimited Ministry

Learn clowning, magic, balloon art,

puppetry schools, churches

and other organizations


When I was young, I fell in love with playing guitar. This wonderful instrument would fill my life with the same joy, admiration and companionship like that of a friend.  I, most importantly, found that this was one of many gifts from God!

One Sunday morning during my high school years, my pastor asked my friends and me to play guitar and sing. Though extremely shy, my friends and I took him up on the offer. While I was singing, I asked God, “Why? Why are you putting me in this situation? Why guitar? Why singing?”

As I look back, that was the beginning of my musical journey with God that would include many other skills I learned and developed. One of my favorite experiences early on in this ministry was when I was involved in a puppet ministry at Redeemer Lutheran Church. My puppet’s name was Priscilla, a very outgoing girl who loved to dance. My journey has included music courses, voice lessons, learning and performing with many different instruments, leading music for Church, Vacation Bible School, and becoming the Music Teacher at Zion Preschool for 10 years.

Another favorite experience on this journey includes my clown ministry after I became a certified clown at Smiles Unlimited, a school for clown ministry. My clown name was Suzy-Q. I learned to juggle, do magic,  perform skits.  I developed many routines that I  perform for schools, churches, and parties. This added just another avenue to serve God and love others, especially since it paired so well with my music and puppetry background.

More recently, I became an activities director for  nursing homes in the area.   I was able to use my creativity, zest for life, and love for laughter to really add life to not only the residents but all guests who came to visit their loved ones. I was then given the opportunity to spread my life’s mission to many elderly in nursing homes all over Indiana. I started a business called Instruments of Grace. God richly blessed that part of my journey, which opened the door to so many others options and blessings as He promises!

Why did God ask a shy young girl to play and sing Sunday at church many years ago.  To mold her existence into a beautiful life of giving others the gift of song, laughter, and life!

Though it’s been a long journey filled with many unforgettable experiences, amazing people, and a repertoire of a very unique skill set, the journey continues.

A new journey has been placed on my heart: teaching children the love of music. I recently have completed the highly admired program called Music Rhapsody, an organization that helps teachers truly engage and challenge students for a whole new level of success. With my 10 years of experience at Zion Lutheran School and now, after loving grandma time with my two energetic grandkids, it just seems right. This is why I am opening Instruments of Grace Music Studio!  

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